Naming Contest!!

[UPDATE: The contest is finished! Thanks for all the submissions!!]

Work is underway for different videos from the Little Shop of Physics! We’ve already got the wonderful Everyday Science show with PSD Channel 10, available in podcasts, here on WordPress, and at the PSD viewer site. But soon we’ll have other video series to share… in fact, we’re working on one right now, and we need a title for it!

Here’s where you can help. Post a comment on the bottom of this page with your title suggestions.
If we pick your title, we’ll send you some swanky science stuff!

Here’s one of the unfinished episodes of the series in development. We’re doing several episodes like this one — a quick look at a cool (and easy!) science experiment, followed by some BIGGER incarnations of the concept. The episode below should give you a good idea of what the series will be.

9 Comments on “Naming Contest!!”

  1. herbs Says:

    Some ideas:

    Try These at Home!
    Cool Experflix or… Cool Flixerments!
    No Magic, just Science
    Little Shop of Physics- unplugged
    Lights, Action, Science!
    MoviNG Science
    3,,2,,1 Science!
    Recipes for Cool Science
    Exper-Easy Science
    OhYeah! Science is Easy, Fun, Cool, _______ any desciptor
    SMILEY SCIENCE- Physics for All

  2. Mr Earth Says:

    Your new name is:

    Science Geeks will inherit Earth or

    Future Scientist or

    Science Today, Tomorrow and the Future or

    Science is Fun


  3. MissPhiz Says:



    Third Degree

    Cooked to Order

    P3: Practice, proof and promise

  4. Jana Says:

    Pop It, Flame It, Fun It, Learn It!


  5. Jana Says:

    Uber Science

    Science…your way.

    Science…you know you want to do it.


  6. Jana Says:

    Take a closer SCIENCE

    Oh yeah, TRY IT

    Gettin’ all sciency

    Gather ’round the lab

  7. Jana Says:

    Mom, look what happens when I do THIS! (oh, yeah, you don’t know how many times I’ve heard that)

    Can I touch that?

    What will happen when I do this?

    What can I make happen with these things?

  8. Heather Says:

    Physics Live!

  9. Kara Says:

    Great Gas Out

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