3D Videos!!

Little Shop of Physics can now be seen in 3D!

You will need 3D glasses to view these videos, click on the 3D glasses link to contact us!

Here is the awesome Little Shop of Physics crew moving toward you…

The Little Shop of Physics crew shows off their leapfrog skills!

The leaf blower and toilet paper is a classic demo that looks even better in 3D!

The Foucault pendulum located in the CSU physics department.

New perspective on a slinky!

A giant version of Newton’s cradle.

An epic mustache twirl in 3D!

Our very own LSOP juggler!

Check out these hula hoop skills!

A new sport in the making?

Throwing an over-sized frisbee.

Launching an airplane.

Click to subscribe to our podcast!
Subscribe to our podcast!

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