Spin 7: Spiral Wishing Well

Check out our homemade spiral wishing well, and like everything we make in the Little Shop of Physics, it’s made from everyday objects. Make a wish!

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3 Comments on “Spin 7: Spiral Wishing Well”

  1. Sanford Mann Says:

    About subscribing to a podcast. You can subscribe to a podcast in the same way that you subscribe to a newsletter, and automatically receive it when a new episode is released. You can subscribe through a number of services like iTunes or through what’s called an “RSS feed”.

  2. What is the rubber sheet you used? I’ve been considering making a spiral coin bank for my kids to play with and was researching how I’d make the funnel when I found this-your stretchy sheet is such an elegant solution!

  3. Brian Jones Says:

    It was a big piece of latex from an old weather balloon! You can get 3 foot balloons online; this would work. We’ve also used spandex. Good luck with your project!

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