Cycles 2: What is a Cycle?

We begin our exploration of cycles by creating a simple (and big!) pendulum in the studio. Cycles are familiar to us already — we see them in patterns that repeat.

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Cycles 2 Download Links
Use these links to download the movies to your computer. You can “control+click” to save the file.

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2 Comments on “Cycles 2: What is a Cycle?”

  1. Don Vincent Says:

    I like the videos but they are too short.

    So much time is taken up by the Intro and the end credits, that it leaves little room for the lesson.

    • Brian Jones Says:

      Thanks for your comment. We break the show up into segments for podcasting, and we use the natural breaks in the show. Some of the segments are very short, some are longer. Our sense was that folks liked the shorter ones, but we’ll take your comment to heart! And you can always view whole episodes on the Poudre School District Channel 10 streaming server. You should be able to navigate there from our page; if not, let me know and I’ll send a link.
      Thanks again for taking the time to write us.

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