Scale #4: Color Changing Liquid

Can something happen on a very small scale that changes things on a much larger scale? (Well, since we asked the question, you probably think the answer is YES.) We won’t give the answer away here, but for a clue, we will say that this particular clip has to do with carbon dioxide, colors, liquid and acidity.

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Scale 4 Download Links
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2 Comments on “Scale #4: Color Changing Liquid”

  1. alavare Says:

    I’d love to do this experiment, where can I find out the steps to these great projects?
    Thank you!
    Amy L

    • This is one that we are writing up. We’ve got a bunch of others already done on our Little Shop of Physics page, under “Stuff for Teachers”:

      Some sections are very much works in progress, but we add new information all the time.

      In the meantime, don’t hesitate to write to us to ask for details.

      For this one, for instance, we use a couple of drops of bromthymol blue in water. Bromthymol blue is an indicator solution that you can get from chemistry suppliers. We then used a thick straw that was plugged up on the end with a bunch of holes to diffuse the gas… And there you go! Great way to show the carbon dioxide that is exhaled.

      Keep in touch! I’ve seen your site, and we clearly have a lot to teach each other!


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