We Want to Hear from You!

Are you a teacher? Do you use our videos in your class? If so, let us know, and more importantly, let us know how! We want to keep you and your needs in mind when we make our videos. We also intend to put ideas for using our videos on our website.

Reply to this post, or shoot us comments on Facebook, or send us an email! Thanks!!

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2 Comments on “We Want to Hear from You!”

  1. Mr. Earth Says:

    I love the content of your videos and the explanations are great.

    However, they are too short. By the time the intro is over and the end credits roll through, what you have left is very little content.

    It seems you just get stated and it is over.

    Thanks for listening…

    • Thank you for commenting. We’ve got a couple of different types of podcasts. Could you tell us a bit more? If you think that the segments from the Everyday Science shows are too short, you can watch whole episodes online; you can find the link on our media page. If you think our “Tips for Teachers” podcasts are too short… Well, that would be news! We’ve worried that they are too long! If you are worried about our “Science it Up!” podcasts, that would be news too. We’ve worked hard to make them short and zesty. Perhaps we’ve worked too hard!

      Thanks so much for chiming in! I’ll follow up with an e-mail too.


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