Rain Drops [Tips for Teachers]

Why do rain drops fall the way that they do? Sometimes they land gently on the ground… and sometimes they splat! This has to do with the size of the raindrop, gravity, and air resistance, as we demonstrate in this video. We also show you how you can turn it into a classroom experiment!

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Rain Drops Download Links
Use these links to download the movies to your computer. You can “control+click” to save the file.

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2 Comments on “Rain Drops [Tips for Teachers]”

  1. DJ ARIF Says:

    🙂 It helped me a lot ! But I need to know why rain drops fall at a a constant rate and how do they manage to ignore the gravity… 🙂

    • Air resistance! The drops fall until the force of air resistance equals that of gravity. After that, they fall at a constant speed. They aren’t ignoring gravity… Just paying attention to another force as well!

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