Coming Soon: The Time Show

Don’t worry, we’re not done with the Pressure show yet! But you should know that the recently filmed Time show will be premiering soon! Here’s a little something to get excited about while you wait:

We speed things up, we slow things down (like an exploding water balloon). We use time-lapse filming to see the world in a different perspective! We show special films: can you tell if time is moving forwards or backwards? We ask: what is time?

The Time show. It’s ticking your way, in May.

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Subscribe to our podcast!

Time Preview Download Links
Use these links to download the movies to your computer. You can “control+click” to save the file.

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One Comment on “Coming Soon: The Time Show”

  1. herb saperstone Says:

    love it!!! Good job Lindsay. Also love the podcast page.

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