Pressure II, Segment 10: Pressure Power!

So now that we’ve seen how pressure works, how much BIGGER can we go? How about a big, empty oil drum?

Recall that the air pressure outside the drum and inside are currently matched. But what will happen when the air (and thus the air pressure) INSIDE the drum is sucked out??

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2 Comments on “Pressure II, Segment 10: Pressure Power!”

  1. don Says:

    I would like to know how you set up the balloon in the large water bottle.

    Could you send me a drawing?

    I could not see how the hose was attached to the bottom of the bottle.

    Thanks you in advance

    • Here’s what we did:

      We drilled a small hole (about 1/2 inch) in the bottom of a big water cooler jug. Then we put a hose from an air mattress pump—set to pull air out—into the hole. We sealed it with hot glue. Then we put a balloon over the opening of the bottle. We pulled air out of the bottle and the higher pressure outside pushed it in. Pretty cool, and pretty easy!

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